SA Triathlete Richard Holland involved in a terrible accident in Dubai.
On Thursday 11 October 2012, the lives of Richard Holland and his family changed forever. Whilst training for an Ironman Race, Rich was hit from behind by a car and sustained multiple life-threatening injuries, including a severe injury to his brain stem, resulting in a persistent coma.

In the early hours of the morning on Thursday 11th October, 2012, Rich set out on his bike to make the short journey along Al Qudra Street from Motor City to the start of the new cycling track in Dubai. What was supposed to be a regular training ride, turned out to be anything but that. Rich is pedantic about safety at the best of times and his bicycle is fitted with lights (front and rear) and reflective bands. On the day of the accident, Rich was wearing his top of the range cycling helmet, had reflective bands on his clothing and ankles, and his bicycle lights were on.

Despite this, Rich was hit from behind by a car, sustaining multiple life-threatening injuries. These included: broken ribs, punctured lungs, a fractured sternum, fractured right fibula, and severe injuries to his brain. His brain injuries are substantial, the worst of which is a contusion on his brain stem which caused an immediate coma. He has what is known as a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Back On Your Bike has been established to assist Rich Holland and his family by raising money to cover his :
. Immediate and future medical care (including surgery, ICU and hospital stays in Dubai);
. Intensive neurological and physical rehabilitation in Dubai and eventually South Africa to provide him with the very best chance of recovery;
. Repatriation back to South Africa, involving a chartered medical flight with an on-board doctor and nurse;
. Long-term hospital fees;
. Unforeseen medical and related expenses. To assist, donate or read more, please go to