About B-Active Sports

B-Active Sports has been working in the South African Sports marketing field since 2001. We have worked our way into almost every major public sporting event in SA, from the 94.7 Cycle Challenge, Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Race, The 5fm Energade Tri-Series, East Coast / Discovery Big Walk, The Amashova Cycle Race and the king of Ultra marathons, The Comrades Marathon. Not only do we work on top Sporting events, but B-Active Sports also owns a selection of their own high-profile events around South Africa. Our work experience and committed staff has grown B-Active Sports into one of the top sports management companies in the SA sports marketing industry.

They currently have a number of national sporting events which they own and manage, while working with most of the top corporate companies in South Africa. They also work with and manage various sporting sponsorship contracts for their clients, ranging in events from the Ironman and Comrades Marathon to the East Coast Radio / Discovery Big Walk and Amashova.

Over the past few years, they have taken on some exceptionally innovative projects and made then into exciting, high profile events within South Africa. Because their work is fused with their passion, they can’t help but really enjoy what they do. It’s because of this passion for our industry that they believe this will show the attention to detail in planning for each and every event.

B-Active Events looks forward to bringing your brand to life and giving you an outstanding experience.

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